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Financial Management System

FMS consists of 10 different modules that the user can configure to meet their unique needs. Each module is fully functional individually but will integrate together to provide a complete, powerful Financial Management System that can be tailored to your unique situation.

Accounts Payable

  • User-Defined Optional Vendor fields
  • History Drill-Down to the General Ledger entry level
  • Invoice image attachment for scanned invoices
  • Recurring Invoices for monthly bills
  • Purchase Order processing with Encumbrances

Accounts Receivable

  • Drill-Down Reports
  • Create Flat, Step or Multiplier Billing Categories
  • Calculate and Print Single or Mass Invoices
  • Collect Payments and Print Receipts
  • Seamless Interface with FMS General Ledger Module


  • A powerful and flexible suite of budgeting, reporting, planning and analysis software delivering high quality, transparent business data for better planning and effective decision-making.
  • Efficiently manage budgeting across the organization.
  • Easily monitor organizational performance with corporate dashboards.
  • Delivers real-time accurate data and provides powerful drill-down functionality down to the transaction level.
  • Multiple levels of reporting available.
  • Easy exploration of all your data for more effective and complete analysis.
  • Intuitive and attractive interface makes it easy for staff to use and navigate.

Business License

  • Track Account History
  • Create Flat, Step or Multiplier Billing Categories
  • Print Business License Forms
  • Collect Payments and Print Receipts
  • Generate Applications and Renewal Letters


  • Module allows for plot code structure that matches your plot identifier structure.
  • Ability to define rate codes for all of your offerings/services.
  • Ability to define optional, custom fields.
  • Ability to add an infinite number of deed templates and the option to add merge fields.
  • Integration with FMS General Ledger module.
  • Purchase Process wizard.
  • The ability to review and reprint deeds and billing statements from the account record.
  • The ability to scan and add other attachments.
  • A payment sub-module for processing Cemetery payments.
  • Integration with Payment Central.
  • New reporting features, including the ability to import your own DLL reports and customize FMS reports.
  • The ability to make transaction corrections.

Employee Portal

  • Works in tandem with FMS Payroll Module
  • Hosted app using Microsoft Azure
  • Allows employees to sign into a secure site from any device.
  • Employee Dashboard allows access to:
    • leave time balances
    • employee information such as employee ID, deductions, benefits
  • Employees can view/print their paycheck history
  • Calendar of events for organization and department specific events

Fixed Assets

  • Track and Depreciate Assets
  • Asset Disposal
  • Generate Item Check Lists
  • Generate Warranty Reports

General Ledger

  • Budget Preparation and Amendments
  • Rich reporting options including drill-down
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Recurring General Journal Entries and Cash Receipts

Meals and Lodging

  • Cutting edge software that tracks meals, lodging and other hospitality taxes.
  • Records tax payments received and creates delinquent and non-reporting reports.
  • Tracking of all accounts at the individual business (unit) or agency level.
  • User defined penalty and interest rates that can be applied against delinquent accounts.
  • Allows discounts for on time and early payment.
  • Provides a variety of reports for data analysis and tracking.
  • All data can be exported to a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel & CSV.

Payment Central

  • Collect payments for multiple modules in a central location.
  • Unlimited Miscellaneous Revenue Codes
  • Print Receipts
  • Assign multiple Revenue Codes to Payment Groups


  • Accrue and Track Sick, Vacation and Holiday Leave Time.
  • Check History with drill-down to the General Ledger entry level
  • ACH compliant Direct Deposit file
  • Process W-2 forms (capable of electronic submission)
  • Process 941 Reports

Purchase Requisition

  • Workflow allows for email notifications based on a variety of permission levels
  • Approved requisitions interface with FMS Accounts Payable to create an unapproved purchase order
  • Module allows for multiple roles in the process
  • Interfaces with Accounts Payable vendor list and General Ledger account numbers
  • Allows for attaching images and documents to the purchase requisition
  • Ability to run queries to create customized views and export to Excel ©, .pdf and .csv

Tax Billing

  • Track Personal and Real Estate Property Transaction History
  • Collect Payments and Print Receipts
  • Assess Penalties, Interest and Advertising Charges
  • Seamless Interface with FMS General Ledger Module
  • Drill-Down Reports

Utility Billing

  • Unlimited Work Order Templates
  • Track Customer, Location, Meter and Billing Histories
  • Interface with multiple Hand Held Meter Reading devices
  • Multiple billing options, including postcard or email
  • Rich reporting options including drill-down

Vehicle Decaling

  • Track Account History
  • Issue Applications
  • Collect Payments and Print Receipts
  • Seamless Interface with FMS General Ledger Module
  • Reports


  • Microsoft Azure platform stores the database
  • No need for onsite server
  • No backup software needed
  • Affordable and cost efficient
  • Latest version of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Automatic backups
  • Additional layer of security against local network attacks and disasters
  • Ability for staff to work remotely without a VPN

  • ****Hosting requires a static external/public IP address and a minimum speed of 20 Mbps/10 Mbps****