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Public Safety


  • Keyboard/Mouse, Command Line or Function Keys
  • 911 Integration with Phase II Wireless Compliance
  • Integrated with APCO-Intellicomm, CACH, ProQA, or SmartHorizons for EMS, Fire and Police classification and pre-arrival instructions
  • Integrated mapping with location verification
  • Integrated NCIC/Local/State Inquiries
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  • Dispatch Mapping Display System for CAD
  • Supports Wireless and Wireline 911
  • ESRI based upon ArcGIS Engine
  • Supports File Base and Enterprise Geodatabases such as SDE
  • Built-in Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
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  • GPS/AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Vehicle to vehicle to dispatch chat
  • Use your ESRI jurisdictional GIS map data
  • AVL Search from vehicle
  • Run vehicle, name, OLN, SSN, article, gun, boat queries
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  • Incident and Arrest Reports
  • Warrant Tracking
  • "Sounds Like" Searches
  • Officer's Activity Log
  • Mugshot Capability
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  • Real-time, web based Data Sharing Network for Southern Software’s RMS systems
  • Search any Southern Software customer’s RMS system nationwide
  • Secure. Uses the same encryption as online banking
  • Search by name, incident, arrest, pawn, vehicle and citations
  • No dedicated hardware required
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  • Single screen processing
  • Complete Inmate History
  • Inmate Movement
  • ID Bands/Cards
  • Mail Logging
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JMS Mobile

  • Cell Checks
  • Inmate Movement
  • Mugshots
  • Scheduled Events
  • Court Dates
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  • Web-based inmate visitation scheduling eliminates the need for visitation call-ins
  • No dedicated hardware required, deploys within your existing website
  • Helps ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Seamless integration with our JMS product
  • Visitation parameters can be customized and monitored
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  • Incident and Accident Reporting
  • Evidence/Stored Property
  • Ordinance Violations
  • Master Vehicle Index
  • Master Name Index
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Citizen Connect

  • All aspects of the system are controlled by the administration of your Law Enforcement Office
  • Allows citizens to...
  • Conveniently obtain accident reports
  • View arrests, incidents and accident that have occurred within a defined range
  • File incident reports and crimetips online

Narcotics Management System (NMS)

  • Stand Alone Database
  • Confidential Informant Data
  • Manage Drug Campaigns
  • Master Name and Vehicle Search
  • Drug Fund Management
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  • Intuitive, user-friendly ribbon-based interfaces
  • Track Employees
  • Track Firearms
  • Track Employee Inventory
  • Maintain employee training
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  • Grids, Pie Charts, and Bar Graphs
  • Master Name Search across All disciplines
  • Secure login for entire system or by disciplines
  • Incident types based on date range
  • Current confinements by race, sex, adult, and juvenile by age. Also includes top 20 offenses of current confinements and access to current confinement roster.
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Vantage Point

  • Show active calls for service, including initial statement and call-taker notes
  • Ability to see active units on calls for service, or all active units depending on permission
  • View BOLOs, both person and vehicle
  • Show all active security checks
  • Perform a security check with the app, including field notes and disposition
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Clery reporting

  • Web-based crime and fire logs
  • Automate Clery Crime Statistics
  • Hyperlink numbers that drill down into the details
  • Delineation of Clery Geographic
  • Statistics based on federal regulations and agency specs
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