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DSN (Data Sharing Network)

DSN is a data sharing technology that allows public safety agencies to quickly and securely share vital information in real-time. Utilization of 128-bit SSL Encryption end-to-end, secure password management and Encrypted URL’s ensures the integrity of your data. A web based application DSN requires no dedicated hardware or software and is cross-platform and cross-browser. An intuitive interface means no specialized training is required. If you can search the internet you can use DSN.

  • Real-time, web based Data Sharing Network for Southern Software’s RMS systems
  • Search any Southern Software customer’s RMS system nationwide
  • Secure. Uses the same encryption as online banking
  • Search by name, incident, arrest, pawn, vehicle and citations
  • You retain complete control of your data including what data is shared
  • No dedicated hardware required
  • Cross platform and cross browser support
  • View mug shots and create lineups
  • Courteous, timely, professional support